How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth – Fast and Natural Way That Worked for Me

Everybody would love to have that “Hollywood” white smile like famous celebrities. However for us, mere mortals, teeth whitening procedures aren’t exactly affordable. They can get really expensive and even then, the results aren’t guaranteed, but there have to be some other options too, right?

Well, that’s what I thought when I decided to do something with my yellow teeth. They used to look really bad ever since I was a child. I guess it had something to do with genetics but who knows. I got quite tired of always covering my mouth when I was laughing or talking to someone. Nevertheless, a few months ago I decided to do something about it. I am not a huge fan of invasive methods, and I wanted to go the natural way. I started looking for some holistic way to help me with my problem, and I came across a few methods that I decided to try. Here you can read my experience with various treatments. So sit back, get a tea and enjoy.

Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth


Medical Charcoal

Medical Grade Charcoal

So the first method that I tried was charcoal. I started with the probably most controversial of them all, but why not. I was doing it for the greater good after all! Charcoal is supposed to absorb the substance that causes the yellow and brown stains. Furthermore, charcoal also changes pH in your mouth and makes it less prone to cavities and decay.

First time that I tried this method I thought that it has to be a joke. Obviously, charcoal temporarily stains your teeth, and before you rinse your mouth, they are completely black. For a second, I was afraid that I just stained them permanently, but after I had rinsed my mouth, everything was back to normal.

I had been using charcoal for a month, and I have to admit that there was some slight improvement. It wasn’t anything amazing, but from what I read, it can take months before you can see some significant difference. So this might be the way for you, but I decided to try other methods as well. Yes and one more thing. Use medical grade charcoal, not the one from your grill. I think it’s clear, but… just in case.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemon and Baking Soda

I already heard about this method even before I decided to try it. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is mildly abrasive and using it as a kind of “peeling” on your teeth should help them to get whiter again. Baking soda is alkaline, which is the opposite of acidic. Acidic foods and drinks break down the enamel, and baking soda actually helps to balance the pH in your mouth, so it also has other benefits besides whitening.

Mix a few spoons of soda with fresh lemon juice and make a paste. Then put the paste on your toothbrush and apply. Leave it there for a few minutes and rinse. I had been using this method for 3 weeks. And even though I had huge expectations from this one, there was no improvement at all. Feel free to try it if you want, but it did nothing for me.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

From what I read, this method is actually really old. It may not be the most pleasant method, but it’s surely better than charcoal. Coconut oil has some interesting properties. Besides the fact that it should whiten your teeth, it also removes bacteria, promotes gum health and helps to keep your breath fresh.

In the morning, take a spoon of coconut oil and push and swish it through and around your teeth for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse your mouth and proceed with the brushing. I had been using the coconut oil for a month, and there was no improvement when it comes to the color of my teeth. However my breath was indeed much fresher, and there was no bleeding from my gums whatsoever, so it definitely has its benefits. Even though it didn’t exactly work as it should, I am still using it to improve my breath and gum health.

Other Options

So after my 3 failed attempts, I decided to take a look at the other options as well. I actually found a program that worked great, but first I would like to tell you something more about regular teeth whitening procedures.

Option One: Whitening Procedure

Teeth Whitening Procedure


This is so expensive, well, what isn’t? But this procedure can come up to anything around $1500. And it is a reoccurring thing. Let ‘s say you need at least one visit each month. Now calculate the amount, not everyone can afford it. And of course, there are some side effects that these treatments cause:

  • First of all, they make your teeth super sensitive and that can be quite a huge complication in everyday life.
  • It also makes your gums shrink and recede, and they can become very painful. The reason for this is the presence of Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide in the bleaches that dentists use.
  • The treatment can cause mouth blisters, bleeding and burnt gum. You will have to deal with this pain for a very long time and regularly.
  • The chemicals in the bleaches are harmful to the gastro-intestine system. They can cause stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • And after all these hardships, there is no guarantee that it will even work. At the end of it, you will be left with damaged gums, drained pockets, and sour mood.

Option Two: DIY Whitening Kits

It may seem very easy to buy a DIY kit and administer the bleaching by yourself, but it ‘s far from easy and straight up dangerous! If you think the biggest harm that could happen is to forget to wash it off on time and end up having super white teeth like Ross did in Friends, you are gravely mistaken.

  • It ‘s proven that these DIY bleaches contain an insane amount of Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide, actually 100 times more than whatever is permitted.
  • The reasonable rates of these kits, the confidence that you can do this, and the desire to get pearly white beautiful teeth, is a heady mix and can tempt you to buy these over the counter bleaches, but please don’t!
  • In fact, if you are bent upon this, you might as well go to the dentist. Even the DIY kits cause all the problems that I mentioned earlier.
  • Also, keep in mind that your mouth is a very sensitive organ. If you mess up something, the damage could be fatal and maybe irreversible too.

So What to Do With Yellow Teeth Then?

I have to say that I almost gave up, but as I have mentioned before, I eventually came across one program that worked for me. This program is called Teeth Whitening 4 You, and it was a complete coincidence and a stroke of luck that I found it.

Program Cover

This program basically an ebook created by Lucy Bennett, who is a former dental nurse. The main goal of the program is quite obvious – to show you how to get rid of yellow teeth within a few weeks. The huge advantage of this system is that it’s completely natural, and there will be no side effects, unlike with the regular whitening procedures or bleaching.

I admit that all of this may sound a bit too good to be true. And I know exactly how you feel, because I was really skeptical about this eBook as well. I read many reviews, but what convinced me to give it a try is the fact, that this program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied with the program or if it doesn’t work for some reason, you can get a refund anytime within a 60-day period. I thought that’s more than enough time to see if it worked and decided to give it a shot.

However, there is one thing that I feel like I should mention. When I was doing research regarding the program, I came across a few weird websites. These websites were full of completely misleading information regarding the program. But that’s not all! These websites sell the program for twice its normal cost to scam people. So if you don’t want to get ripped off, then you should definitely purchase it from the official website only.

Some More Details

This great eBook is full of useful information:

  • It contains the list of home remedies, which are not well known and can prevent the discoloration.
  • Whitening products you should avoid at all costs.
  • A full week guide, which you will follow for 3 months for maximum effect.
  • 6 amazing home remedies, which are incredibly effective in the fight against the yellow teeth.
  • Information about effective ingredients you can find in your kitchen.
  • And much more, but I don’t want to sit here until the morning.

Teeth Whitening 4 You is an online program, and it doesn’t come in the hard copy. This is actually a huge advantage because you will save money on shipping and can download the book immediately after the purchase. Furthermore, it comes with the lifetime updates and awesome email support, which will answer all your questions. Not to mention that program is really affordable and safe for everyone, especially when compared to conventional solutions or bleaching.

My Experience

After my various tests with charcoal and baking soda I decided to try Teeth Whitening 4 You and even though I was skeptical, it really worked. After 2 weeks, I could already see slight improvements. After another 2 weeks, the difference was huge. I had continued to use the program for another 3 months, and now my teeth are as white as ever. I am really glad that I decided to give it a try in the end, even though I was quite hesitant.

So if you are interested in the program, or simply want to know a bit more about it, there is a link below the article, which will take you to the official website so feel free to give it a try. It worked for me, and I am sure that this program will also work for you. Thank you for reading and good luck!