Best Treatment for Blackheads Will Show You How to Take Them Out Forever

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to talk about blackheads. I had been suffering from blackheads since I was a teenager. I am 32 now, and I had been living with this condition for over a decade. Face washes, cleansers, peelings and other products didn’t do much to improve my condition. Over the years my condition got even worse, so besides looking for the best treatment for blackheads on nose and face overall, I had to look for blackheads on back treatment as well. Amazing really. Some of these skin care products for blackheads worked better, some worse, some not at all and honestly I grew so tired of it, that I gave up for a few years and just lived with my condition. The thing is that a few months ago my condition got much worse. My self-confidence was basically nonexistent, and I didn’t even go out unless I really had to. It got so bad that I decided to look for the best treatment for blackheads all by myself.

What Is the Best Treatment for Blackheads on Nose, Face and Back?

During my search I really did some thorough testing to find the best way to treat blackheads. Here are the treatments that I’ve tried and my experience with them. Of course, the results may vary, but here are things that both worked and didn’t work for me.

Egg Mask

I decided to try this method first, considering that I had a few eggs left in my fridge. Eggs are supposed to temporarily tighten your pores and also remove and prevent the blackheads. Basically what you are supposed to do is to spread egg white all over your face. (I have to admit this was quite fun for some weird reason). You should apply the first layer of egg white, let it dry, and then apply the second one, and if you feel like it, you can add the third one as well. When the third layer is dry, wash your face. I had tried this method for over a week, and I haven’t seen any signs of improvement to be honest. Maybe I did something wrong (Sure I didn’t, the eggs are at fault!).

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey to Get Rid of Blackheads?

Milk and Honey

Well, another natural choice (because I had everything in the fridge already, duh!) was a combination of milk and honey. Honey has antibacterial properties, and milk is supposed to keep your skin soft. What you should do is to mix one spoon of honey and one spoon of milk together and heat it. Then take some cotton and dip it in the “honey-milk-mix” and apply to your face. Keep it there for like 20 minutes and then wash your face. I have to admit, that after a week my skin was much softer, and there was approximately 20% of blackheads less. However even though I continued using this method, I couldn’t remove the other 80% no matter what. And that brings us to…

Cinnamon and Honey

Well considering that combination of milk and honey had some effect, I decided to switch milk for cinnamon. Cinnamon is supposed to give your skin some lovely glow and improve blood circulation. The principle is basically the same. Mix cinnamon with honey until you get a paste. Apply on the targeted area and then press a strip of cotton over it. After 5 minutes remove the cotton and wash your face. After a week, I couldn’t really see any difference. I suppose it was the milk that did all the magic, so give this one a try if you want, but it did nothing for me.


Another one from the long list of home treatments for blackheads was water. I was pretty skeptical about this, but I gave it a shot anyway. You should gently rinse the affected place with water once or twice a day. This should keep the affected area clean from things that make your pores bigger. However I had a feeling this is not a good idea, and I was right because my blackheads got even worse. I will definitely trust my gut next time. So give it a shot if you are feeling lucky, but my advice is to avoid this method completely.


Face Steaming

Face Steaming

Another method I found mentioned to use steam, which can supposedly soften your skin and remove the dead skin cells that fill your pores. So I followed the instructions. I filled the bowl with boiling water, covered my head with the towel and leaned over the bowl for 10 minutes. Then I rinsed my face and dried it and guess what? My face was red like a Chinese flag. I looked HORRIBLE, so maybe my skin is too sensitive or something, but I am never again going to try any steam or water stuff.


So, let’s forget about the water and steam and ice and everything water related for now. Next thing I tried was a lemon juice. Yes, I know it’s kind of water, but I decided to sacrifice myself for the sake of research. Lemon juice is supposed to shrink your pores and also lighten your skin a little bit. All you need to do is squeeze the lemon juice, dampen the cotton ball and apply it to affected area three or four times a week before going to bed. Well besides the fact that it stung like hell, it didn’t do anything really. At this point, I was starting to lose hope about finding any treatment at all.

Other Methods

There are of course other methods, which I didn’t try because I simply lost patience. But I will get to it shortly. These other methods include for example sweating. If you have enough free time on your hands, then try to do some cardio exercises. Sweat is supposed to flush the mess from clogged pores, but you have to wash your face immediately afterward.

Another method is baking soda and water. I haven’t tried this one because of, you guessed it, water. Baking soda should exfoliate and clean your pores, so feel free to test it. The truth is, none of the above methods really helped me, but maybe I did something wrong. So what else is there left to try? What is best for blackheads?

What Is the Best Way to Treat Blackheads Then?

Don’t worry. Even though none of this stuff worked for me, I accidentally came across a program that really helped me to reduce my blackheads by at least 90% and restore my buried self-confidence. This program is called Acne No More, and it’s basically a guide to get rid of acne and blackheads once and for all. It’s definitely the best solution that I came across and here are a few details.

However, before I get into that, there is one thing you should watch out for. When I was looking for more information about the program, I came across a few… let’s say shady websites. These websites were clearly fake and full of misleading information. Furthermore, they sell the program for like twice its normal cost, so if you don’t want to get ripped off, then it is a good idea to purchase it from the official website only.

Book Cover

Acne No More is a guide created by Mike Walden, and it will teach you how to remove blackheads without any hocus pocus methods that I tried earlier, pills or antibiotics, detox diets and so on. Plus it will also prevent blackheads from ever coming back. The thing with all those methods I described earlier is that they don’t really address the true source of acne, and they are basically just a temporary solution. This program, however, claims that blackheads are not a condition itself, but they are caused by other conditions in your body and program will show you exactly how to find and fix them.

The guide includes the correct strategies for dieting, skin cleansing, stress reduction, and even weight loss. It contains information about the worst and best foods for your skin, the most effective ways to find the root cause of your blackheads and how a few simple exercises can help you remove them. Program is highly customizable, and it’s not a one size fit all kind of program. Because as you can see, I’ve tried many methods, which could have worked for others, but they sure as hell didn’t work for me.

More Details

Besides the main course, the program also comes with a few bonuses, which are quite helpful, but not really necessary. But it’s a nice addition for sure. Furthermore, there is no risk involved with this program, because it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So basically, if it won’t work for you for some reason, or if you won’t like it, you can always ask for a refund, simple as that. Plus, the program comes in a digital format, so you will receive it immediately after the order is placed so that you can start reading it right away. A nice plus.

Is Acne No More the Best Treatment for Blackheads and Large Pores?

Well, the best part is that it worked. I didn’t have high expectations after all my failed attempts to find the best possible natural treatment for blackheads. However, I am glad that I gave it a try. My blackheads started to gradually fade and even though that there are still a few left, at least 90 – 95% disappeared completely. And it’s been a few months now, and my condition is only getting better, so I am pretty happy about it.

So feel free to give it a try if you want, it worked great for me and it can teach you how to treat blackheads as well. There is no risk involved due to that money-back guarantee, and it’s really worth a try. There is a link below this article that will take you to the official website if you are interested in the program or simply want to know more. Thank you for reading my “research”, and I hope that by now you have an idea about what is the best cure for blackheads. I wish you a good luck!