Mole Removal at Home – What Is the Most Effective Mole Treatment?

Moles are one of the most common conditions in the world. Every single person has at least one mole somewhere, and most people have dozens. They definitely aren’t rare, but they can be pretty annoying when they are on the wrong part of the body, for example on the face. Not long ago a regular mole on the cheek was considered a beauty spot. Some girls would even go as far as to draw one with a pencil.

Do you remember Cindy Crawford with her probably the most famous mole in the world? Hard to argue with the fact that it was quite attractive. Moles, or at least majority of them, are completely harmless, but some people consider them unattractive and want them gone just for the cosmetic purposes.

I know what I am talking about because I had one huge mole on the cheek. I wasn’t concerned with it as a child, but as I grew older, it started to get more and more annoying and I decided to do something about it. We here at aren’t exactly fond of conventional cosmetics and surgeries, so I decided to try natural treatments. Well, they are not exactly over the counter, considering that they are natural, and you can even make them yourself at home, but you get the idea.

As you will soon see, my search for the best removal treatment was quite long and exhausting. It took me ages to find the best way to remove my mole, but eventually I did it. But first I will tell you about the various remedies that I had tried before I found the winner.

Search For The Best Solution



Iodine Solution

The first treatment that I tried was iodine. Basically what you are supposed to do is to apply a drop of iodine directly on the mole twice a day for a week. Remember that iodine is toxic, so don’t digest it. Also, if you experience a burning sensation after the application of iodine, stop using it right away. I didn’t feel any burning sensation and after a week I saw some slight improvement, but as I continued using it, there were no changes anymore. I used it for 2 more weeks, but there was no improvement anymore, so I decided to move to another method.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil

Another thing that I tried was frankincense oil. This oil is astringent in nature. That means that it can dry up the mole and slowly remove it layer by layer. According to the guide that I found, I mixed 1 spoon of frankincense oil with 10 teaspoons of olive oil. I put it on my mole and let it there for a few hours. I did this up to three times a day, so I basically had it there nonstop. It didn’t exactly look great to be honest, and it didn’t help at all. I really didn’t see any difference. Plus, word of caution, if your skin gets irritated in any way, immediately stop using it.

Aloe Vera

You know how it goes. If everything fails, go for aloe vera. And this case wasn’t any different. Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the best mole treatments you can find, though why is a mystery to me. I applied fresh aloe vera gel on my mole and then put a cotton bandage over it. I let it there for three hours until the gel got absorbed completely. Once again, if your skin gets sensitive or irritated, stop using it right away.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Sprouting Grapefruit Seed

Another method I tried was grapefruit seed extract. Grapefruit seeds are rich in vitamin E and should work as a great remedy for moles. Application of grapefruit seed extract is pretty much the same as with aloe vera. Apply one drop of extract directly on your mole, and then cover it with the bandage and leave it there for a few hours. Repeat the process at least 3 times a day. The thing with this method is, that if you work with people, it’s impossible to have the gauze slapped on your face for the almost entire day. I have to admit that I saw some improvement after 2 weeks. Not as much improvement as with iodine method, but still. However after the slight improvement, it didn’t get any better, so I decided to try other methods as well.

Onion Juice

Now this was a pretty bad idea to begin with. Onion juice has special acidic properties, which should maintain an even skin tone and help against moles, which should make it the perfect solution. Drip the cotton in the freshly extracted onion juice. Leave it on your mole for 30 minutes and wash it off. Do this 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Well besides the fact that it didn’t work whatsoever, I wasn’t exactly smelling nice. It’s impossible to use this method when you are at work, so if you work with other people, don’t even bother trying this one, honestly.

Pineapple Juice

Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Pineapple

This mole removal at home method was a bit less… smelly. Fresh pineapple juice should lighten the pigmentation and make your moles it less visible. The application is similar to all the other methods. Take a cotton ball, soak it in the pineapple juice and then leave it on your mole until the juice dries. Do this few times a day for a few weeks. Of course, fresh pineapple juice should work better, and you can use other juices like lemon or grapefruit. However for me there was no improvement at all.

So What Is the Best Over the Counter Mole Removal?

E-Book Cover

I admit that at this point I wasn’t really happy about my never-ending research. However one day I was looking for more methods to try, and I was about to give up and go for an expensive laser surgery. Accidentally I came across the program, which looked quite promising and promised natural removal of warts within a few weeks. This program is called Moles Warts & Skin Tags Removal.

I know what you may think now. That this is just another hocus-pocus program like many others out there, and I don’t blame you. Before I did some research and read some reviews, my thoughts were exactly the same. What convinced me about giving this program a try was, that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so I had absolutely nothing to lose. If I don’t like it, or if it doesn’t work, I can get a refund anytime. And that sealed the deal for me.

More Details

Moles Warts & Skin Tags Removal is a natural program. It’s basically an ebook, which will guide you through the entire mole removal process. Most of the people see some slight changes already within the first week. The method is completely painless and doesn’t cause skin irritation. It’s also natural and noninvasive. You don’t have to worry about any side effects or additional costs. Plus, compared to expensive laser surgery, this program is affordable for everyone.

Before I get to the details about the program, there is one thing I should mention. During my research, I came across a few quite shady websites. These are obviously affiliate websites, which are full of completely wrong and misleading information about the program. But that’s not the worst part. They the eBook for almost twice its normal cost, so if you don’t want to get scammed, then make sure that you are buying it from the official website.

And Even More Details

The program was created by the health researcher Charles Davidson, and it is a result of decades of experience. Author, just as me, focuses on the natural treatments, rather than the conventional ones. The main reason, is because conventional treatments do not target the root cause of the problem. Yes, they may work, but the initial problem is still there, even though your mole or some other skin anomaly disappears temporarily.

Program talks openly about why are natural treatments better than the regular ones and why you won’t find the methods used in the book anywhere else. Book is full of information about what causes your skin problems, why are they occurring and how to fix them at the source. And the results are permanent.

This program is suitable for all skin types, whether light or dark and works for both men and women. It’s been widely used by thousands of people, and its effectiveness is 95%. Only 5% of people refund the program because it didn’t work for them. I think that’s pretty nice number, and you would have to be really unlucky to be amongst the 5%.

One thing you should know is, that this program is an online ebook, and it does not come in a hard copy. I know, I know, this may sound like a downside, but it’s actually a huge advantage. You don’t have to wait for weeks until it arrives by regular mail, and you will save money on shipping. Just purchase the program and you can download it right away and apply the methods immediately.

What Do I Think?

Well, as you can see, I had tried many natural treatments during my research, and I saw some improvements with iodine and grapefruit seed extract. However, the one thing that really worked for me was Moles Warts & Skin Tags Removal program. It took around 5 weeks to completely remove my mole, and I don’t mind, because slow and steady wins the race. However, I can honestly say, that this eBook is the best mole removal at home remedy you can find.

This over the counter mole removal works for 95% of people, and you would have to be really unlucky if it didn’t work for you as well. Feel free to give it a try, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose at all. Also, feel free to try some of the treatments that I tried, maybe they will work better for you than they did for me. If you want to know more about the program or if you have decided to give it a try, then there’s a link in the description below, which will take you to the official website. Thank you for reading and good luck!